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  • Freitag, 25. November 2016
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Veranstalter: Trinity Music

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"Best of" live - "This House will Stand" Tour 2016


New Album "This House will Stand"

Release: 27.05.2016

When the Oyster writing team of Jones/Prosser/Telfer came up with a song last year called "I Built This House", a friend said the title sounded like somebody's life story.....and an idea was born.

On the crest of an almost 40-year international career, and with their distinctive mix of crafted lyrics, big tunes and deep experience of British traditional music still evolving, the time was right for a fresh overview. A double CD, THIS HOUSE WILL STAND:

the best of Oysterband 1998-2015 comprises 15 classics chosen by the band from their last 6 studio albums (including Ragged Kingdom, their multi-award-winning collaboration with June Tabor) and 14 unreleased tracks, rare B-sides and intriguing "alt" versions.  6 of the 29 tracks are traditional.

The only act with two albums in fRoots Magazine readers’ 40-year “Best of the Best” poll   -  Ragged Kingdom (2011) at no. 4 and Holy Bandits (1993) at no. 5  - Oysterband are still willing to take risks with the genre and still passionately committed to the excitement of live performance.

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